Urvi Piramal


Ashok Piramal Group

Mrs. Urvi Piramal oversees a professionally managed business conglomerate with business interest in real estate, textiles, engineering, renewable energy and sports. She is the guiding force behind the Group’s sustained and profitable growth.

Mrs. Piramal has received a number of awards for her contribution to business. She was awarded the Qimpro Gold Standard Award for excellence in Managing Quality Improvement programmes across the Group. She has won the Outstanding Woman Industrialist Award presented by the Marinelines Junior Chamber and the Yami Woman Award for her outstanding contribution to business by The ITC Grand Central. She also has to her credit the Cheminor Award from the Indian Institute of Materials Management.


Nandan Piramal

Executive Vice – Chairman

Miranda Tools

Nandan Piramal heads the high-speed cutting tools business and Sports verticals at Ashok Piramal Group, a diversified business conglomerate.

The cutting tools business, Miranda Tools has five manufacturing plants at Ankleshwar in Gujarat. It is a market leader in tool bits and saws business in India.

Under Nandan’s leadership, Miranda Tools recently formed a joint venture with Ultra Nova of France to set up a new plant to manufacture bi-metal band saws.
Nandan ventured into sports and set up Pune Football Club in 2007 along with his brothers. His passion for sports has transformed PFC, as it is popularly known, into one of the most professional football clubs in India. PFC was qualified to play in the I-League in first 18 months of its inception. Currently, the Club ranks 2nd in the I-League.

He also formed teams for the younger players and the under 20 team has won the national championship for the second year in a row. His foresight to strengthen the teams and impart better training led to PFC having its own training infrastructure in Pune. All the teams are regularly trained here.
Mr Piramal is an alumnus of University College, London.

Mahesh Gupta

Mahesh Gupta

Group Managing Director

Ashok Piramal Group

Mr. Mahesh Gupta is the Group Managing Director at Ashok Piramal Group. He oversees all the businesses of the Group which comprises real estate, textiles, engineering, renewable energy and sports.

He plays the role of formulating the Group’s business strategy and steering the Group to achieve its goals. As a senior member in the Group, he plays a very significant role in guiding each business to attain profitable and sustained growth. Under his stewardship, the Group formulated an aggressive plan which has seen the businesses grow by leap and bounds. Mr Gupta leverages his in-depth understanding of the businesses to enhance the growth of the Group.

Mr. Gupta has over 3 decades of professional experience in business management and in all aspects of Corporate Finance such as treasury management, mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, direct taxation, company law matters etc.
Mr. Gupta has received a number of recognitions for his business acumen. He was awarded the CFO of the Year Award, Special Commendation for Financial Excellence (Mergers & Acquisitions Category) by IMA (formerly known as EIU), New Delhi.